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Mast Mod Mini

Mast Mod Mini

$ 160.50

Batteries? where we are going we don't need no stinkin batteries!

This wee beastie will fire just about anything you throw at it, and it will blow your pants off.
The Mast Mod Mini is a 3.5v-6v passthrough mod powered by the OKR/T10 chip includes your 12v power adapter and everything you need to start your own cloud generating project!
Hold on tight because the Mast Mod Mini packs all that power in a VERY small, but comfortable, package. The Mast Mod Mini measures in at only 2" x 1.5" x 1". How does he cram all that power in there? 
The Mast Mod Mini also comes standard with a built in led volt readout so you can adjust to your taste. Voltage adjustments are done via the built in potentiometer. 
NOTE: This mod is passthrough only. It does not function when it is not plugged into a wall. 

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