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4th of Awesome

Happy 4th of July!

We're doing a little something special this time besides your usual discount.

First, I want to bring your attention to the Mystery Box - it's usually a grab bag of 30mLs we pick for $70. We've changed it around a bit for the next week to be (with discount) $65 for 6x50mL bottles! With this, you'll receive what's coming in our Sins release (boxes are almost ready), which are as follows:

Gluttony - delectable blueberry yogurt tirelessly whipped to perfection.
Lust - plump, juicy strawberries blended with creamy yogurt.
Pride - sweet mango and berries with a splash of vanilla.
Sloth - fresh strawberries and ripened bananas top this amazing bakery treat.

They may still technically be in beta, but they're definitely ready for their final release (presentation pending). The other two flavors have never before been seen! We have for you a sweet, crunchy cinnamon cereal and a fruit pastry with coconut dusting. We may even be randomly increasing some of these 50s to 120s for some people).

Now, I'm no tyrant. Do you hate mango? Do you want the exceptionally popular Brasberry Mint instead? That's totally fine; just drop a comment in your order, and we'll make it happen.

The discount this week is 4thofawesome - it'll get you a cool 35% off - valid until 7/5/16.

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